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Information for people with a handicap

Picture: Paved path in the bailey

Outside area

In the courtyard of the bailey where the public is not normally allowed to park, there are two designated disabled parking spaces right after the gateway building, on the right by the “Altes Schulhaus” (Old Schoolhouse).

From here, within the granite pavement, an easily negotiable path leads to the museum's ticket office (distance approx. 200 m). At the entrance there is a vestibule with glass doors; our staff will be happy to assist you in opening the doors.


Picture: Wooden bridge to the inner courtyard

From the ticket office, the path continues over a wooden bridge into the inner courtyard to the exhibition rooms of the Old Palace. Differences in height from the terrain to the building are overcome by means of flat inclined ramps.

Otherwise there is only limited access to the bailey and in particular the castle garden for wheelchair users (cobblestones, steps, lawns etc.) The entrance to the walled garden is only about 75 cm wide; here are also some steps to negotiate.

Barrier-free WCs can be found in the entrance building in the bailey and in the main castle on the ground floor of the Old Palace at the beginning of the museum tour.

There is a kiosk in the schoolhouse garden of the bailey (only open in summer); the way there leads over lawns without slopes.


Exhibition rooms

The exhibition in the castle is an experience for all the senses; there are several exhibits that can be touched, heard and smelled. Near the ticket office there is a tactile model of the Cadolzburg.

With the exception of one small chamber and the chapel rooms, which are only accessible via narrow steps and narrow corridors, the exhibition rooms in the Old Palace are barrier free. The two levels of the ground floor have been connected with a modern ramp, so that the imposing Ox Chimney, the former castle kitchen, which is below the level of the courtyard, is also accessible for wheelchair users.


Picture: Museum room

The four floors of the museum are connected via a lift. In the historical castle, however, it was not possible to apply all the usual standards for a new building. The lift cabin, for example, measures 120 cm x 80 cm. The width of the passage to the lift that goes up in the castle wall is 75 cm at its narrowest point.

The indoor flooring is level and non-slip; seating is available.

For visitors with visual impairment there is an acoustic announcement in the lift. There is a multimedia guide for the exhibition in the castle; a sighted person is required to operate the guide (touch screen).

For the hearing impaired there are induction loops in the entrance area at the cash desk and in the event room (Oriel Hall) on the 3rd museum level. Portable induction loops are also available at the cash desk, which enable the multimedia guide to be used in conjunction with hearing aids. The exhibits are extensively labelled and additional information in written form can be purchased in the museum shop.

Our employees at the local office will be pleased to help you if you require information when preparing your visit. We are available to assist and advise you and we take the particular needs of visitors with disabilities into account, to enable you to visit the exhibition and experience it to the full.

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