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The Cadolzburg experience

The Late Middle Ages as a sensuous experience in a lords’ castle!


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How did the Hohenzollerns govern, sleep and fight 600 years ago in Franconia and Brandenburg? Find out about this and much more besides in the exhibition “A castle and its lords. The Cadolzburg experience” at Cadolzburg near Nuremberg (district of Fürth).

With an exhibition covering an area of around 1,500 m², one of the most massive castle complexes in Bavaria takes visitors on a journey back to the Middle Ages. On four floors of the Old Palace and in the entire main part of the castle, original objects, elaborate reproductions, dioramas and media stations document the various facets of life in a lords’ castle.

The exhibition bridges the gap between the medieval period and the modern age and shows where the allegedly so remote Middle Ages touches our lives today, and the ways in which it differs. There are many opportunities for active involvement, whether through games, media applications and touching stations or the detailed accompanying educational programme. The results of many projects with regional groups prior to the opening of the museum have been integrated into the exhibition.

The museum at Cadolzburg is intended to be both an experience and thought-provoking. Problematic aspects of the building and its destruction and the expectations of it as a castle in the Middle Ages are dealt with openly. Further information is available in the form of a free multimedia guide, numerous stations with original sources and the accompanying scientific publication.


Picture: Room 10, detail

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